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integrative. holistic. conscious.


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building conscious leaders


positive. meaningful. inspired. impact

in.te.gra.tive: combining approaches

ho.lis.tic: comprehensive, whole person and systems

con.scious: to be fully aware

purp.pose.ful: intentional and meaningful

wellth coaching takes a multifaceted, integrative approach to work with the whole person. wellth combines modern technology, neuroscience and leadership development to build holistic, inspired, high performing, conscious leaders – not just at work but in all dimensions of life.

wellth believes that a common human truth is that we all want to make a positive impact in the world.

wellth's purpose is to be a catalyst for greater potential, possibility and goodness.

wellth's mission is to ignite the aspiring change maker within. wellth helps individuals & organizations lead themselves to create the inspired, meaningful impact that they want.

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We are surrounded by constant change. What worked yesterday is not necessarily what will work tomorrow. Leading people into a new way of doing business is hard work.  It involves being committed to a strong purpose, and supporting authentic, caring leadership while meeting the evolving needs of your people and stakeholders.

  • How do we experiment, fail and succeed at the same time?

  • How do I lead when so much is unstable? When I feel unstable?

  • How do we create a profitable business that also leaves a positive impact?

  • How do we inspire, engage and develop our people?

Equally, we no longer just want to go to work. We want to live and create meaningful experiences with our work. 

  • How do I start to live from a place of passion, purpose and excellence?

  • How do I support and lead those around me to do the same?

Stress is at an all-time high, it accounts for 75-90% of doctor visits; 83% of people struggle with work-related stress, 63% of workers are ready to quit their jobs because of stress.  People are burnt out, fatigued and struggling at a time when our world needs creativity, resilience and vision more than ever. Stress directly impacts our ability to think at higher levels, be strategic, solve problems, collaborate, and it lowers self-esteem.

We want to lead our teams, our organizations, our communities to do extraordinary things.

  • How can we do that when we are struggling ourselves?

  • You know it needs to be different but how do you get there?

  • Can this be easier?

It starts with self-leadership. Whether you are a C-suite executive, emerging leader or business owner, your ability to become a positive catalyst ultimately starts with you. Making a big impact, being a change maker takes vision, courage, resilience, adaptability, experimentation and collaboration. It is not a solo journey.

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experience a decrease in

chronic overthinking

experience an increase in

fulfilment, passion, purpose





clarity & focus

decision making ability


overall health

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"Leadership is not a role, it is a way of being."

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