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"My journey with Wellth Coaching has been remarkable, and not at all what I had expected. 

After the loss of my job, I found myself to be operating on autopilot, while trying to effectively navigate through an existence best described as “limbo."   It was raw, uncomfortable and unfamiliar, as I have spent my life building a secure foundation that seemed to suddenly disappear overnight. 

When I began my work with Jessica, my focus was specific to redefining my career. However, within the first 30 minutes of our conversation, I realized that unlike any coach that I have worked with before, Jessica is unbelievably versatile and tailors her work to meet her client’s needs.  In my case, the journey has been holistic and was masterfully crafted with work that centers around mind, body, soul and career.   

The work and the journey have been both reflective and rejuvenating, and have provided moments of introspection, laughter, tears and “Aha!” experiences, designed to rebuild one’s foundation while resetting your overall focus.

Words can’t properly express the deep gratitude that I will forever have for this experience and the clarity that it has brought to my life.  Jessica is unbelievably skilled at her craft and has opened my eyes to myself and my world in a way that I had never expected."

L. Tartaglia

Jessica is driven to make a difference in the world and does so every day. She is special person who has a unique ability to look through a different lens. She listens, ask tough questions and reduces details to core business. More than a job, she works hard to help others succeed and grow. She is an awesome coach and has made a difference to me I will never forget.

S. Carr

Jessica has transformed the way I think about myself and my future. Her acute listening and communication skills were thought provoking. She has provided me with the tools to make some difficult decisions and navigate what I thought were insurmountable road blocks. Jessica’s insight has given me the confidence to pursue new opportunities.

K. Veenhuysen

I am grateful you were willing to use your supersonic abilities to zero in on what makes me tick and draw out my powerful attributes. The experience has been invigorating. It has been enlightening, interactive and extremely effective for me.

C. Misurelli

Thank you for your honesty and the strength you gave me. Your questions challenged me to look inside myself and let go of unreachable excellence. You led me down a pathway of discovery and transformation. You have helped to build me into a person with confidence and grace.


Thank you for your support Jessica. I am one step ahead and a big step it is.

C. Quintero

I am grateful for Jessica's encouragement, guidance and support in the transformation of my career path. She helped me discover who I am as a person and as a professional. She is a beautiful human being.

F. Woldabzgi

Jessica's helped me confirm my true passion and what I really wanted. Her challenges encouraged me to take action now and go further. I continue to sense subtle changes in each aspect of my life instead of waiting for big messages. I am grateful for having her as a coach.

A. Jin

Jessica has been a great coach to work with. She takes the time to get to really know you and help push your boundaries. She genuinely cares about her clients and often goes beyond expecations. I would highly recommend Jessica.

S. Kasper

Impact Statements: Testimonials
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